The “Exploration” Phase and a look at the future

What makes Bluebird Different

Open up and explore as we develop

‘It has been estimated that only one in one thousand exploration projects becomes a new mine.’

‘Geological, technological and regulatory constraints are critical factors in determining whether an identified gold resource is able to justify the investment required … to advance to the development and production stages. The number of opportunities that progress to the next step decreases at each stage and the total process may take between 10 and 20 years.’


‘Bluebird is a project developer, not an exploration company’
Bluebird targets mining projects in Asia that can be brought into production within less than 30 months. 
Many of these opportunities are presented in the form of old underground gold mines.

Our strategy provides significant advantages over exploration projects in that they:

Cut out the major exploration cost

The economics in terms of gold price at closure are known

Past production in the form of tonnes and grade are known

The cost of refurbishing existing development is far cheaper than that of a new development

The overall cost to reopen is far cheaper than new ounces at the same grade

The Birth, Death and Rebirth of a Mine

Rarely, if ever, Exhausted Resource
3 reasons why underground mines close

Catastrophic accidents that make the mine unsafe

Social events – strike action, government interference, war

Low gold prices – spiraling costs